BrickPost has hit the 6 Months mark! To celebrate, the Editorial Team is pulling out an extra issue, jam packed with BrickPost goodness! Its an issue you wont forget!

Also, to celebrate the 6 months mark, we're pulling out all the stocks! In this bonus issue you'll see,

  • Interviews with the Team members.
  • A "Where is the BrickPost now video"
  • Information on whats coming soon!
  • A place to let your voice be heard!
Team Interviews

Jedimca0 - Lcawte questions Jedimca0 about the BrickPost, and reveals some things about whats coming up soon!

Lcawte - Jedimca0 questions Lcawte about the BrickPost! And it reveals how much of a lazy butt Lcawte is :P

Media Display
  • The BrickPost's Logo.Go to BrickPost
  • June's Featured ArticleGo to Issue:June 2010
  • May's great Featured Image!Go to Issue:May 2010
  • Our First Featured Image!Go to Issue:February 2010
  • LEGO Star Wars Wiki, one of our great content contributors.
  • My LEGO Network Wiki, another of our great content contributors.
  • Brickipedia, our main great content contributor.

YellowDancing man


  • Jedimca0! Jedimca0 has been around since week one of the BrickPost, and has put in a lot of effort with the BrickPost!

  • Lcawte - Lcawte started up the BrickPost, it was his idea, and he still works hard on the BrickPost

Our Content Builders

We'd like to give a huge thanks to Brickipedia! Most of our great content comes from there, you guys rock! Also to all you guys at LEGO Stories Wiki, for writing all those great stories that we love to read. Recently, we'd like to thank LEGO Star Wars Wiki. We'd also like to thank all the users and contributors who's voted for the Brickposts featured articles and featured images. And of course we would like to give a huge thanks to LEGO for making all their awesome sets and always developing new things for us to have many hours of building fun with.