On this article, Lcawte questions his team member, Jedimca0, about his opinions on the BrickPost.

Okey Jedimca0, are you ready to be questioned for the BrickPost's 6th Month Special Issue?

No comment. Oh, wait... I already agreed to this interview, right? :P Then, yes, I'm ready

— Jedimca0
Good, what do you think is the best thing about working on the BrickPost?

The best thing... Hmmm.... there's so many good things about the BrickPost. But mainly, I really like lego. and I like browsing through all the different articles and images trying to find something good, new and interesting and then get it in the brickpost. It has me reading many more articles then I normally would, and most of those don't even make it to the brickpost... but with almost all of them I learn something about lego I didn't know yet.

Okay, and in your honest opinion, what has been the worst thing?
So far, I have not had any bad experiences. The only "negative side" is the deadlines... especially if we still have 90% of the work to do on a Sunday evening... hours before the release. But I wouldn't say that's "bad", it's more of an "interesting" kind of stress.
Is there anything you'd want to change about the BrickPost as it is at the moment? Such as firing Lcawte, general running for the editorial team, etc..

Firing Lcawte does sound appealing... but that would result in me having to /all/ the work... I'm not sure what I'd change, if anything at all. The Brickpost provides a lot of information for the Lego Wiki editors. If they need, or want information about something we're not providing already we'd probably include it. but at this point I see no indication for changes.

Interesting.. is there anything new you can reveal some secret info on?

Well, we're planning a 6th Month Special Issue... but that's where this interview is for... so I guess that won't be a secret to the people reading this. Other then that there's nothing really secret going on, unless Lcawte hasn't informed about it yet.

Lcawte checks the plans draw

But, should anything new come up between now and Lcawte's interview, we'll be sure to include it.

What directions would you like to see the BrickPost move into, as it already notifies via talk page, and recently via Twitter, is there anything you'd like to see happen, such as maybe, Podcasts/Spoken issues, branching out to other sites, etc..

All those things sound interesting. And I am considering them. But at the moment, the team is just me and Lcawte and both our time is limited. And I would not want to see the brickpost hurt or lose it's quality because we're working on related projects. But I do think a podcast would be a great idea and an awesome addition to the brickpost.

Do you think the BrickPost would be better if Lcawte was not around, Quantcast page views shows that the BrickPost received more page views then ever, around the time that Lcawte went away, and has dropped sharply since then.

I do not think that was related to Lcawte being away. I think that would be more related to me almost harassing people to go vote on the FA and FI on a daily basis.

Lcawte laughs in the background

And, I also believe I was more actively involved when he was away, checking pages daily. And just making sure I didn't miss the deadline. I should probably just do that now Lcawte is back again. Also, the climb in page views started before Lcawte left. And it does actually seem to be climbing again this month.

With the BrickPost recently only reaching 500 page views a month, do you think the BrickPost is a success? And do you think at the current status, the BrickPost is in need of another Editorial Team member?

I do think it's a success. We're not just doing it to get lots of people to read it, though that is our main goal. I also find it fun to work on this project, and working together with Lcawte is just great. We're having fun, and the end result shows that each month. I'm not really sure if we need another member.

Tell us one thing that you admire/like about Lcawte, and one thing you wish he would stop doing/find annoying..

At the moment we're managing just fine. But if we start getting more and more content per brickpost, a third member to pick up some of that work (or maybe even completely work out a few new features from scratch) would be nice. Firstly, Lcawte is doing a great job on the brickpost. He's really dedicated to the project, and I really like that. It's fun to work with him cause he's as dedicated as I am. Hmmm... well... I think he should stop waiting till the last 3 days of the month to start working on the brickpost... but then again... I do that too most of the time. So it's something we should both work on. Just divide the work more over the month. 3 days is more then enough to get all done. but if we want to add more content, we should start about a week before the release I'd say. And even then we'd have 3 weeks to be lazy :P

And some after interview fun we had..

Okay, and how annoyed would you be if a second before the BrickPost went live, Lcawte edited this Q&A, re arranging bits of the answer to make you look like a clown that had no idea about anything

— Lcawte

I'd probably be very pissed and change it back to the original. And, of course... edit his interview to make him look like a bigger clown.

— Jedimca0

Hehe, if he sysop protected it and removed your sysop flag, then would you give up, or would take further action..

— Lcawte

Oh, further action. I take it this isn't part of the Q&A? :P

— Jedimca0

Hey, I'm supposed to be asking the questions! :P

— Lcawte

XD Well... if you re arrange my answers, you'd also make yourself look bad... cause most of what I said had to do with saying you're a cool guy :P

— Jedimca0
Lcawte laughs
Lcawte tries to think of more questions


Lcawte doesn't have a question sheet with him..


— Jedimca0