On this article, Jedimca0 questions his team member, Lcawte, about his opinions on the BrickPost.

are you ready for your interview Lcawte?
um... yep
— Lcawte
What do you think is the best thing about working on the BrickPost?
(Your not just copying my questions are you? :P)
— Lcawte
kinda... I do have some different ones for you, but I want to get the flow of the interview to be kinda the same. so you can see where we differ in opinion.
Working with Jedimca0 and running a proper community based peice of Journalism, but in a way, not being so pressed as like a proper paper or something
— Lcawte
so you like the "casual work environment"?
— Lcawte
I would prefer to be at home working, relaxing but getting stuff done, than making an effort to turn up to "somewhere" and be pressed all day with deadlines and stuff
— Lcawte
ah, yeah, i understand that. I think we all want that.
How do you feel your job differs from Jedimca0's, you being the chief editor?
Um, not much, I guess, my job is to make sure everything gets done, on top of the main tasks, if it were a proper paper or something, I'd be like hounding Jedimca0, but this is far more relaxed, and nicer.
— Lcawte
Are you currently planning any changes for the Brickpost, at the time of Jedimca0's interview there was nothing big in the planning stages, has that changed the past week?
hm, other than the podcasts, I cant think of much else.. I'm thinking of possible introducing PDF or similar format printable versions of the BrickPost, although this is still someone under heavy consideration.
— Lcawte
We may work on a shop, with a few bits of funny merchandise, although this is doubtful, as most online facilities at the moment would be unfair on our users bank accounts
— Lcawte
you mention a podcast, how are the preparations for that going?
Hm, the podcast, I've recently found my microphone again, although I need to test how this sounds, and what I can do with my software
— Lcawte
Another thing I've just remembered... I'm thinking of trying to work on some kind of mid month development q&a or something, although I am still going to have to bring this up with Jedimca0, and look to see what we have avalible that will fit my idea
— Lcawte
very interesting.
you see yourself making any changes to the Brickpost team? like adding another member.
I would love to see the BrickPost, and its team grow, although, at the moment, I don't think I've seen enough interest in the BrickPost as I would of liked to warrant another member
— Lcawte
Do you think the brickpost is a success so far?
It has definitely been a success among its current audience, although I would like to see it spread a bit more, and become more active
— Lcawte
Do you have any plans to realize that goal at this moment? or is that still being worked out?
hm, I think approaching the communitys of other LEGO Wikis would be a start, and working on some of the stuff I've done for Brickipedia, like the facebook and the twitter would be great..
— Lcawte
Those are good ideas.
I think that's about it for the questions, you have anything you wish to add or say to your community?
umm.. keep reading the BrickPost and get involved, its a great project, and we can always use ideas!
— Lcawte

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