The LEGO Wikis Ring is a recently created "social area" for contributors of all LEGO Wikis. It started with an IRC channel, which can be found on freenode, but has recently been expanded with a forum site hosted on

The more experienced IRC user can join the IRC channel via the following link: irc://freenode/wikia-legowikis-ring. A webchat is also available here, just type your name and press enter.

In both these places, the rules are relaxed a lot more than channels like #brickipedia and and on the wiki. Here you can talk about anything with a rating below or at 13. You can post and discuss youtube video's, sport, share photo's of you, and more. You can also play and request forum's for many games like Werewolf (or other versions of Mafia), Diplomacy and anything else you can think up. You may also talk about your favorite show, or even a nice place you visited. If the community, or one of the moderators think it's a good idea, and there isnt a section for it, we'll start it!

Reviews Edit

I think its great we have somewhere where we can go to talk about not talk about lego-themed stuff, its rather annoying yelling at people, as an IRC operator, to take it else where.. we have an elsewhere to go now :D The forum format is pretty easy to go by.. and its a great place to post if you have a spare 5 minutes, or are just bored. When it builds up there will be some funny stories to read, or just a link or two that will get you hooked to something really cool. --Lcawte

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