"I really like the fact that the brickpost, as a news letter is kinda like, well... firefox... you can get all sorts of neat and cool stuff and attach it to it to make it even better."Jedimca0

Hello Readers.

I'd like to focus this message on urging you to checkout the effort we have made into informing you about getting involved with the BrickPost. I specially liked the above quote, as I think its suitable for this message. We are like the newsletter version of Firefox, you can take our bulk standard BrickPost issue, then, if you are willing to help us, we can add all these shiny cool things to it. Its up to you, don't sit back and just expect other people to stuff, its up to you, and you alone. We'd also like to reccomemnd you leave comments and feedback for the BrickPost.. you can use the Article Comments for this if you want.. the more feedback we get, the harder we'll work. We have a stack of ideas we'd like to implement, we're just not doing it, because, looking at our stats, we just think its not worth the hassle, we're not even sure how many of you read the issues any more. So, get involved, the BrickPost really will be the LEGO Newsletter, with the content you decide on.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy this issue, we look forward to seeing your help next issue :)

-- Lewis Cawte