Live Editorial Team Question and Answer Sessions! Yes that's right folks! You may have noticed on the 15th of this month, we sent round are last minute notices for our Live Questions and Answers session? Well this month we're going with the full launch of that, we'll consider last months a soft launch. This month, we're back, with Jedimca0 and Lcawte available to take your questions, and leak some news!

Details Edit

Where, channel #wikia-brickpost-qa
Just grab an IRC client, or use to come and join us in that channel, and ask away!
We'll be there for an hour on the 15th again, just drop in and talk to us. We'll officially start at the same time as last month, which was at 19.30 UTC (current UTC time, you can google to find other tools if you like.).
Lcawte and Jedimca0

Stats Edit

Some stats from our "soft launch"

Questions asked


Non-team members attending


Great results guys! Keep it up :| We do know it was short notice, we kinda forgot to let you know, and we're sorry. The Q&A's should be a great place for you to come about the people running the BrickPost, what you can do to help, and find out some nice details about future issues. We often have brand new ideas while we're on IRC, and if you suggest them to us via IRC, or provide us with something that gives us the idea, you'll be able to take credit.

We hope to see you there on the 15th!