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Rock Raiders was a theme that was released in 1999. It was based on space travelers/miners that got trapped at an alien planet. The theme consisted of 8 main sets, 4 promotional sets and 3 minifigure sets. There was also a video game based on the theme for both PC and PSX. Rock Raiders was discontinued after 2000.

Details Edit

The eponymous Rock Raiders were a team of miners that searched for energy crystals in the underground. They had several specialized mining and transport vehicles at their disposal, and were based at a refinery station where they processed rocks to extract the neon-green Energy Crystals. During their excavations, they would occasionally encounter brown Rock Monsters, but these were only included in two different sets.

This was the second theme (the first was Adventurers Egypt) whose minifigures were all individual characters with names.

The setting had several elements that were reprised and also somewhat further developed in the Power Miners theme ten years later, such as the occurrence of Rock Monsters and Energy Crystals. Here, the Rock Monsters had just minor appearances and were not named characters, merely bearing the name "Rock Monster".

Rock Raiders introduced also several new pieces: the chrome drill, a blade saw, the hollow rock pieces and an electric light-producing cannon piece that served as a laser cutter.

The sets of the first wave, which were also the only ones of the theme that appeared in the catalogs, all included Rock Raiders comics. The models and minifigures of the respective set the comic was included in played a major role in the story.

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