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Castle (2007) refers to the 2007 relaunch of the LEGO Castle theme. It is often called "Fantasy theme" or "Fantasy Castle" by fans to distinguish it from the original Castle theme that started in 1978. This theme is the successor to Knights' Kingdom II and ran until 2009. It was replaced by the new Kingdoms theme in 2010. Castle (2007) also appears in My LEGO Network as Sticker and Backgrounds.

Details Edit

Unlike the earlier Castle theme and its subthemes, this new theme doesn't focus on a war between different medieval kingdoms, but between humans and fantasy creatures like skeletons, dark wizards, and trolls.

Most sets contained warriors from two opposing factions and not just one single group, in order to increase playability.

The first antagonists of the human faction, represented by the Crown Knights, were the Skeleton Warriors, led by the Evil Wizard, that appeared in the first year of this theme.

2008 introduced the Troll Warriors as new foes, which were apparently also enemies of the newly added Dwarves.

In 2009 only four new sets were released, including 10193 Medieval Market Village which is the biggest entirely civilian Castle set ever, it also included the first LEGO cow-figures.

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